From plastic pellets
to ideal packaging

As a world player in plastic packaging production, you can count on Miko Pac to be a solid partner, not only with many years of expertise, but also with a strong dose of creativity. Miko Pac ensures that your product is given the attention it deserves.
Together we make sure that your product reaches your customers in the best possible packaging. Miko Pac guarantees the most ideal solution for ready meals, ice cream, margarine and many other products.

You can concentrate on your product with Miko Pac as your partner. We will take care of the rest.

Our people are our key factor
for success

We naturally deploy state-of-the-art technology, but it is our people who really make a difference. Thinking outside the Box is what distinguishes Miko Pac: maintaining a constant focus on your product, we investigate every option during the design phase, working with you to reach the ideal final result. In doing so, we take all the aspects of packaging into consideration: from the technical and logistical requirements to the in-store appearance.

We can live up to this promise by involving our R&D department in your project from the very first contact. We work with you to transform your ideas into a design, we create prototypes and investigate the criteria with which the production process must comply. We move from the initial idea to tangible packaging.

And the result? Our expertise and service contribute to the successful launch of your product.

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