The thermoforming department is the place where (primarily) cheap disposable packaging is produced.
First, a film is extruded. Miko Pac has 3 extrusion lines that can produce 1200 kg of polypropylene per hour. This film is then fed into the thermoforming machine. After the plastic film has been slightly preheated, it is drawn into the correct shape using a vacuum system. Thermoforming is therefore also known as “deep drawing”.

Our thermoforming department can do the following for you:

produce packaging with an EVOH barrier
extrude several layers (e.g. for pots in 2 different colours)
provide packaging with an absorbent element

Because our main focus is the products that we pack for our customers, we produce these thermoformed pots in a wide range of thicknesses and colours. This means that you can be sure of finding the ideal solution for your product in the Miko Pac range.

Last year we produced


by means thermoforming.