Research & Development


Packaging is nothing on its own; it must always be seen in the context of your product. It fulfils various functions for your product: it protects it, extends its shelf life and brings it to your consumer without unnecessary waste.

Packaging can also fulfil other functionalities. It can contribute to the user-friendliness of your product (e.g. a well-designed margarine tub can promote easy spreading). But it should also communicate. What is in the packaging?  Instructions for use? Ingredients? These are all on the packaging.

Een 3D simulatie, "mold flow" genaamd, om na te gaan hoe het spuitgieten zal verlopen.The Miko Pac design and development department naturally knows that your packaging fulfils more than a practical role for you. Just like in fashion or architecture, functionality and originality must go hand in hand to support your sales and marketing.

Our design and development department can help you at the very start of the packaging design. What can they do for you? Produce a design, translate a design into a realisable drawing, develop prototypes and test models, and provide advice as to whether these can be realised on your production lines. The design and development department is the home of all markets and is a one-stop-shop for the full development of your plastic packaging.

A 3D simulation called “mold flow” to determine how the injection will run.