Logistical expertise


In the case of packaging for In-Mould Labelling, it’s all about the details.
One example is the ice cream industry. It’s decades now since shops stocked only three flavours of ice cream (vanilla, chocolate and mocha). Today, there are countless flavours and colours of ice cream and just as many different packaging designs: from premium ‘Pear Caramel’ or ‘Macadamia Night’ to classic flavours in the private labels. Add to the variety of flavours the fact that the European Union already has 25 official languages and you will start to understand the magnitude of our logistical challenge.

Miko Pac logistics movieAnd yet we succeed, thanks to an open dialogue with our customers, in delivering to tens of ice-cream factories in Europe on a just-in-time basis, regardless of the obvious seasonal peaks (in hot weather) in the ice cream industry.

Miko Pac has ultra-modern warehouses in both Belgium and Poland, so that we can deliver your packaging – not only for ice cream, but also for all our other segments – in a reliable, proactive manner.