Leonardus Michielsen opened a coffee-roasting house and a store selling colonial products in Breda on 17 July 1801. Breda and Turnhout were twin towns at that time and there was a bustling trade between both places.



As the oldest son in a large family, Jan Michielsen moved to Turnhout with his wife, where the Michielsen Koffie coffee-roasting house was set up in 1908.



Around 1937 the company moved to the outskirts of Turnhout to enable further expansion. This was also the time when the name Miko came about.


Post-war period

After the Second World War, the next Michielsen generation put in a great deal of hard work. This period was marked by distinctive new products, such as the introduction of the well-known Miko filter during the Brussels World’s Fair in 1958. With the aim of projecting a more professional image for Miko on the market, the famous designer Raymond Loewy, who, among his other achievements, had also developed the Coca Cola logo, designed the famous Miko logo, which is still on display nowadays everywhere.



In 1972 Miko was converted to a limited liability company. This change was also accompanied by a shift in its target customer base. From now on, its sales efforts were mainly focused on the “out-of-home” market. This term was used to mean coffee which is consumed outside the home, for instance, in offices, the hospitality sector and catering facilities.
A series of new products were launched in the following years, such as the large catering multi-cup filter for 12 cups and the pod system, a pre-dosed single-cup espresso capsule.


Diversification and globalisation

Diversification started in 1974. Given that the coffee filter frame for a single-cup coffee filter is mainly made of plastic, Miko Plastics Center NV was established that year as the first subsidiary. The company also began assembling coffee machines itself which were provided for free to customers.


Stock market listing

Listed on the stock market, but still a family business
There are currently two generations of the Michielsen family working for Miko. In order to safeguard the company’s interests, the majority of the members of the management team are not blood relations. The Board of Directors also has four independent directors. In 1998 Miko was floated on the stock market.


Start Polish production unit


Miko Pac

MPC-DG was renamed as Miko Pac.


Miko Pac

Miko Pac has moved to its new offices and is using a completely automated warehouse.