About Miko Pac


Mission Statement

“Miko Pac wants to be a sustainable and recognised partner within the packaging industry for the supply of modern plastic packaging with high added value.”

‘Thinking outside the box’ is more than a mere cliché for producers of containers such as Miko Pac. To realise our mission, it is not our packaging that takes centre stage, but your product. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about: your product reaching your end customer in the best possible condition.

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Key benefits


Miko Pac is your one-stop-shop for plastic packaging. In addition to an extensive range of standard packaging that can be purchased by any customer, we can also supply you with custom packaging for your product.

Continuous innovation

For example, we are a development partner for various ‘brand owners’ who call upon our team of designers for each new container. From the design, through the development of production moulds, to their use in your production processes: Miko Pac thinks beyond the box!


We are constantly working on new technologies that allow us to do more with plastic packaging. Thanks to our innovations in the field of oxygen barriers we can offer ecological alternatives to tin and glass. We also ensure that the ecological impact of our products falls over time by innovating in the field of weight reduction and the use of bioplastics.

In 2016 we invested